The Secret of Water

It is said that water is the universal solvent, it is the substance of living things. Water is the substance in which cells are bathed, biochemical processes and molecular reactions require the presence of water, and basic molecular pathways that govern the activities of cells and maintain metabolic pathways must require the presence of water. Living things are almost two-thirds water by mass, and it is of no wonder that water is one of the most important factors in consciousness enhancement. Few of the lessons on Conscious Teachings, the first initial course offering in shifting consciousness (, specifically focus on water, biochemistry, biological molecules, and body physiology.

Insights into the properties of water can have a great and lasting impact on the mind, and such powerful knowledge urges one to take action in the direction of nurturing the body and it's physiological processes. Some of the most important properties of water to consider when studying water quality include: alkalinity, impurities in drinking water that disrupt normal body physiology, micro-clustering properties of water, and the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) of your drinking water.

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