If you are interested in an education that the elite impart to their children, then The Conscious Tutor can help you.

In a world that is ever increasing in the disparity of information and knowledge amongst the people, it is of utmost importance that the mainstream of the population be exposed to the methods, mindset, and ways of perception and thinking of the elite world families. Do you want to have a competitive advantage in the area of data, information, and knowledge acquisition? Do you or your children want to have the relevant understanding and know-how to have others work for you? The current education system and corporate structure does not educate individuals towards the end of achieving the necessary critical thinking and creative thinking skills, of not only how the money, banking, and corporate structure functions, but how to function within it to transform themselves, their families, and the system as a whole. If this resonates with you, then The Conscious Tutor is definitely worth an investigation.