Can The Conscious Tutor provide tutoring in the major academic subject areas?

Traditional tutoring in the major academic subjects is available, and students are guided towards developing a working intellectual understanding of consciousness, not directly, rather through the tutoring, experiences, and personal development that results from the tutoring. Tutors are trained in the area of consciousness enhancement, transcendental strategies, and, in particular, explaining content matter in a way that creates a shift in consciousness in the learner.

The Conscious Tutor teaches you how to live a conscious life, a life that has as its fundamental basis, a transcendental aspect, which for the most part, most humans do not incorporate into their physical, mental, and psychic processes behind the bodily functions of life. Ask yourself, do you want to live your life knowing what the “secret” of life is? It’s really not a secret in that the information, knowledge, and data is out there, available to people, but just as with learning any new concept in education, you must learn and be taught the basics, the terminology, the science associated with it, and how to utilize it. Unfortunately, this level of understanding the play of consciousness, is not taught in the mainstream education system of today, nor is it encouraged for reasons of the implications it may foster on the structure of not only this third dimensional reality, but the implications it may suggest for the higher dimensions and densities of reality. In other words, think of it as this, what consequences will a shift in the perspective of reality (essentially a shift in human consciousness) have on the heavens and cosmos. For students in the current education system, conscious tutoring will allow them a unique way to navigate through the traditional educational system, being successful in the traditional core subject areas, and at the same time keeping their level of consciousness/reality, as the basis of their success, and allowing them to express their own uniqueness in this world.