About Us

The Conscious Tutor assists individuals who have a strong desire to live with a novel paradigm of life, a version of reality that is not available in the mainstream.

This alternate version of reality incorporates many different aspects, including: conscious living, sustainability, intellectual understanding of consciousness, the secret of water (70-80% of our body is water), financial freedom success tools, symbolism and history of religions, alternate versions of world history, scientific understanding of dimensions and time, nature of the banking and corporate structures, the socio-economic-political structures created and maintained by the banking & corporate structures, the science of GMOs and GM foods, a more thorough understanding of the brain and the nervous system, the nature of the human body, alternative technologies able to access the field of consciousness, etc...

The key to living a successful life embedded in this new version of reality, which means living life at a different level of consciousness, is to make connections, connecting the dots of what we think are different aspects of reality that are not connected, but a deeper analysis leads one to realize just how connected this web/matrix is. It was Albert Einstein who said that in order for things to change, for humanity to move into the next phase, there must be a shift in consciousness. It is this shift in individual consciousness that conscious tutoring can educate individuals in.