Is the process of living life embedded in this new level of consciousness, as you describe, an instantaneous process, or is it a gradual one?

As with most, if not all, personal development work, this is gradual work, however, conscious tutoring will equip you with the necessary tools (data, knowledge, information, exercises, and know-how), to become apt at shaping your reality. These are tools that are currently available, but access to them is limited since the level of consciousness trying to access them is not resonating with the levels of consciousness that is creating and putting these tools for people to use. Additionally, there are many systems of self- development, of self-improvement, and of consciousness enhancement out there that choosing one, or combination thereof, that is just right for peoples’ level of development, requires a basic background and understanding of the scientific principles involved, how to access the basic resources that are already out there (books, videos, internet, lectures, seminars, yoga, etc.), and how to become grounded in this level of reality, while you shift into a different level of consciousness, which can be very challenging given that essentially everything around you is resonating at a completely different degree of consciousness.